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When you are looking to find the love of your life, it is important to convey to people who you are. I have a very strong sense of self. I know who I am. I know what I am looking for. And I even know and admit to my faults. Since I have decided to take this strange route of looking for a mate online through my blog, I decided that I would list three of my top personality traits on here. If you think we may be a match, read on to see if our traits may be compatible.

First and foremost, I am a hard worker. I work as a freelance gaming developer in the online gambling industry. I work with clients including Mr Green, BGO Casino, Casumo Casino and Leovegas. I’ve also done freelance work for the bitcoin casino DrakeCasino. I very much love my job and while some may think of it as techy or nerdy, I love what I do. I don’t need someone who understands my line of work or is even interested in it. But I am looking for someone else who enjoys their job and is a hard worker. I could never be with someone who hated the work they do day in and out, or who didn’t work hard for the things they want.

Secondly, I am a caring and compassionate person. I am empathetic to others. I cannot stand people who act or think that they are better than other people or who do not have compassion for other people or animals. I am looking for someone who shares this trait as well. Without this trait, you can be cold-hearted and jaded, and that is not who I am or what I am looking for in a spouse.

Lastly, I am an outgoing and warm person. I have close friends. I am close to my family. And I have a good relationship with all of these people. I enjoy conversing with people. I do not think that I will mesh well with a quiet introvert or someone who can’t maintain positive relationships with family and friends.

Thanks for reading my blog and if we mesh, be sure to let me know. Who knows what may come of it.